Lots of changes have been happening in code alignment recently. I’ve mentioned some of them in random places, but haven’t given a lot of details. But today I want to focus on the brand new code alignment website.


I’m really happy with the website, it’s nothing fancy, but looks very pleasing. From now on this will be the central point for code alignment news. It also features an issue tracker, feel free to use it to suggest any improvements.

You’ll also notice that code alignment has a fancy logo and a branding style. The main logo is designed my friend Michael Csikos who shares a lot of my ideas about formatting code. After he had made the logo we were talking more about how to brand the individual programs. I suggested replacing the = with a symbol to represent the different IDEs and the end result looks great (The Visual Studio sign was created by another friend of mine – Martin Krestan)


Donations & Advertisements

Before I continue I want to make it clear, Code alignment is, and will always be a completely free tool.

I’ve donated a lot of free time to develop code alignment during the last 2 years now. During this period I’ve never thought about trying to make any money off it. But when making the website I decided to add a ‘donate’ button and put an unobtrusive advertisement  down the bottom, completely separate from the content.

Future versions of code alignment will have an about box with a donate button on it. That’s as far as it will go. Don’t fear me getting greedy and creating popup ads or constantly bugging you to donate.

Personally, I find code alignment an essential tool for software development. The amount of time it has saved me would easily be measured in days by now. I know many others feel the same. If you enjoy code alignment, then please donate.