Before I start, I am still to use Windows 8 myself. All I know is from videos and posts about it. The purpose of this is mainly to give my views on what other people have said, and point out their flaws.

First techcrunch’s

Microsoft’s Bold Move: If They Can’t Win The Tablet Race, They Won’t Acknowledge It Exists

First this title is obviously hyperbole in order to try and get clicks. Really low techcrunch.

Now the basic premise of the article is about how by using the same operating system as they use for a desktop, it’s not really a tablet. The problem with this, no reason is given why and doesn’t address the fact that Apple (and google) are using their mobile phone platform for tablets.

Why is a PC operating system on a tablet not really a tablet but a mobile phone operating system on a tablet is a real tablet?

Sure you can point out how a phone is more like a tablet than a PC is

  • Mobility
  • Battery life
  • No keyboard

But you can do the same for why a PC is more like a tablet too

  • The form factor is more similar – Apps that work on a decent sized screen should be designed differently for one on a tiny mobile screen
  • Multitasking – because of the phone’s limited screen real estate you’re less likely to want to view more than one app at a time, if you were given that extra space, then you want to see multiple things at the same time.

Microsoft are not ignoring the tablet market, they are simply taking a different approach to apple.


Next a techcrunch video

Fly Or Die: Premature Opinions On Windows 8? We Got ‘Em Here!

Wow! They didn’t even try to be fair. John Biggs although making some inaccurate statements looked reasonable next to the other guy…

First his “the ipad is a lot lighter” comments.

That’s because ipad was running on an ARM processor while the other wasn’t. Now that would be a fair comment to make – IF THEY POINTED OUT WINDOWS 8 WILL BE AVALIABLE ON ARM TOO! But they didn’t. The impression they gave was ALL Windows 8 tablets will be heavy, have a fan and won’t be able to compete with the iPad on battery life. All of that is wrong.

On comments about the network…

You’re going to blame windows 8 because you didn’t bother to setup the network on it? His comment that it MIGHT be their fault sums it up – figure out what the problem is before you start going on about it.

“Can I get this without the Windows?”

Although it’s true that you can’t get it without the classic windows, if you don’t want to use classic windows – you don’t have to! You can stay in the metro UI.

He then instantly fails it because of this. But as I said, you can use the metro UI for everything and only go into the classic mode for stuff that’s not in Metro.

So let’s compare Apple’s and Microsoft’s solution to needing to do something the tablet interface can’t do.

Apple’s solution – You can’t do it.
Microsoft’s solution – Switch to classic view and do it.

And they’re saying apple’s solution is better?

Next – From Daring Fireball

Now the thing I found funny about this post is a big part of what he’s saying is

“I’d be appalled if Apple were to unveil something in the half- (if that) finished state of Windows 8 for tablets. I enjoy writing about what’s real.”

Now I don’t know enough about the author of this article to make a statement against him. But, one thing Apple fans and Apple journalists love to do is speculate about apple products.


The amount of garbage like this that gets released on an almost daily basis is incredible. So I find it amazing that an Apple fan would say that writing about a beta people have in their hands is not “writing about what’s real” when the tiniest of news from some unnamed and unconfirmed source about apple is treated like gospel.